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A guide detailing on how to dump/extract PlayStation Home Cache Data. This guide was created by Nagato from the Destination Home Revival Team.

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Welcome to the official PlayStation Home Cache Extraction Guide created by the Destination Home Staff Team. The purpose of this guide is to teach users how to successfully dump their PlayStation Home data from their Retail/HEN/Debug/CFW PS3's. By donating your data to the Destination Home team we can re-purpose your Home data back into both for the online/offline client. This will help with archiving things such as original spaces, clothing, LMO's, mini-games, Screenlinks, Posters, Metadata, XML's & more. Once the Destination Home team decrypts user's Home data, our staff members will upload any objects/items to the PlayStation Home Master Git Archive.
P.S: If you want to see our current progress of what spaces scenes have been archived by the Destination Home Team, you can check out the Destination Home Scene List Spreadsheet.
This is the maintained text version for this guide. Down below, here is a video guide created by our staff member Nagato.
  • 🎥 PlayStation Home Cache Extraction Video Guide For users who want to see a video version of this guide you can check out my personal video here. Note you'll need to either be on a system that is modified or an official debug unit such as a DECR or DECH model PS3's before proceeding with the extraction process. If you want to see a video guide on how to be on the latest modded firmware for PS3 which is currently 4.89 as of 5/20/2022, you can check out my personal guide here.
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PlayStation 3 HFW/HEN Installation Guide for 4.89 Firmware!
By reading this guide the Destination Home Team is not liable if you happen to brick your console by not following the directions as given.
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